Patriotic Music/Videos
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In God We Still Trust - Diamond Rio (video:3m38s)
Arlington - Trace Adkins (video:3m03s)
If I Die Before You Wake - Dustin Evans (An American Soldier) (flash video:3m40s)
America, Why I Love Her - John Wayne (flash video:2m58s)
DFW Welcome - ABC News Story (video:3m02s)
50,000 Names (Carved On The Wall) - George Jones (Broadband) (video:3m46s)
50,000 Names (Carved On The Wall) - George Jones (Dial-Up) (video:3m46s)
Greatest Military Photos (Broadband) (video:7m39s)
Greatest Military Photos (Dial-Up) (video:7m39s)
Keeping It In Perspective (video:1m24s)
The Star-Spangled you've never heard it before (audio:11m38s)
Hooray for this School Teacher! Too bad there aren’t more like her... (story)