This post existing under these By-Laws shall be known as Baker-Mathis-Pies AMVETS Post 13, Department of Indiana.

The objects of this post are as set forth in the constitution.




To be eligible for AMVETS membership, you must have served any time after Sept. 15, 1940, or be currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Additionally, when discharged or released from duty, your separation must have been by honorable discharge, honorable separation or general discharge under honorable conditions.


All United States Veterans, Reservists, National Guardsmen or Merchant Marines who are now serving, or have been honorably discharged are eligible for regular membership in AMVETS, provided such service—when terminated by discharge or release is by honorable discharge or honorable separation.  All persons seeking membership into the organization shall present with application a copy of their discharge papers/DD214 or maritime separation papers with dates and service connection. Membership dues will be voted on by the post as outlined by the National Organization.




The government and management of the post are entrusted to an executive committee of a minimum of eight (8) members, to be known as the "executive board".

The executive board consisting of the eight elected  members: Commander, 1st Vice Commander, 2nd Vice Commander, Finance Officer, Judge Advocate General, Provost Marshall, Adjutant and Chaplin of the post. All members are eligible for post positions so long as they have been a member in good standing for a minimum of 1 year.  All elections shall be by secret ballot and the candidate receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected to the respective office or offices for which they are candidates. They shall serve for a period of one (1) year until their successors are elected and installed.

The ballot box for the purpose of electing officers shall be under the supervision of the Provost and available during the regular business hours of the club for (1) week prior to the meeting at which elections shall be held and shall close at 7:00 pm that evening.
The resignation of a post officer or executive board member shall happen in one (1) of three (3) ways:

(a) Written notice presented to the commander

(b) Verbal resignation to the members in a regular meeting

(c) The absence from an elected office or position for three (3) consecutive meetings without prior notification  




The post executive board shall meet for organization and such other business as may come before it at the call of the post commander within ten (10) days after the installation of officers. Thereafter the post executive board shall meet at least once a month and as often as said post commander may deem necessary. The post commander shall call a meeting of the post executive board upon joint written request of three (3) or more members of said post committee. Five (5) members of the board shall constitute a quorum thereof.


The post executive board shall have the following duties and powers:

(a) A member appointed by the commander with the approval of the executive board shall be in charge of all the property belonging to the post, including machinery, chairs, tables, uniforms, etc., and said property may not be loaned out to any individual or organization without his/her prior consent

(b) It shall generally have charge of and be responsible for the management of the affairs of the post

(c) It shall have the power of authority to incur indebtedness up to and including $500.00 without the consent of the members at a regular meeting for an emergency.

(d) It shall make a monthly report to the membership at a regular meeting to be approved by the general membership.






It shall be the duty of the post commander to preside over all meetings of the post and to have general supervision over the business and affairs of the post, and such officer shall be the chief executive officer of the post. He/she shall make a monthly report covering the business of the post for the year and recommendations for the coming year, which shall be read at the annual meeting and copy thereof immediately forwarded to the department adjutant. He/she shall perform such duties as directed by the post. The post commander is to assume the duties of the gaming officer until which time that position can be appointed.  The post commander shall appoint any unfilled or resigned offices by approval of the executive board or the regular membership for the balance of the term.
He/she shall countersign all checks disbursing the funds of the post.




The 1st Vice Commander shall assume and discharge the duties of the office of commander in the absence or disability of, or when called upon by the post commander. He/she shall perform such other duties as directed by the post. 1st Vice is responsible for all membership duties.


The 2nd Vice Commander has the same duties as the Commander and 1st Vice Commander in their absence or the disability of either and to include being the chairman of the building and grounds committee.


The Adjutant shall have charge of and keep a full and correct record of all proceedings of all meetings, keep such records as the Department and National may require, render reports or  when called upon at a meeting, and under the direction of the Commander. Handle all correspondence of the post.

All motions made and passed at the regular meetings and executive board meetings will be posted on the bulletin board monthly.


The Finance Officer shall have charge of all finances of the post, and see that they are safely deposited in some local bank or banks and shall report once a month to the executive committee and at the regular membership meeting the condition of the post with such recommendations as he/she may deem expedient or necessary for raising funds with which to carry on the activities of the post.  All checks disbursing the monies of the post shall require two signatures.

There shall be a third and fourth person, 1st Vice Commander and 2nd Vice Commander, authorized to sign checks in the absence of the Commander and/or the Finance Officer. The Finance officer is responsible for all records and filing required by the State and National Organizations, including all monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. Handle all necessary paperwork requirements pertaining to Am Vets Non-Profit status. He/she shall furnish surety bond in such sum as shall be fixed by the post executive board.




The Judge Advocate shall advise the department officers and the Executive Committee on all legal matters, including the construction and interpretation of the National and Department Constitution and By-Laws, and shall perform such other duties as are usually incident to the office. The Judge Advocate shall review all contracts prior to execution by the organization and serve as an ex-officio member without right to vote on all committees.




The post Chaplain shall be charged with the spiritual welfare of the post comrades and will offer divine but nonsectarian service in the event of dedications, funerals, public functions, etc., and adhere to such ceremonial rituals as are recommended by the National or Departmental Headquarters from time to time.



The Provost Marshal shall preserve order at all meetings and shall perform such other duties, as may be from time to time, assigned to him/her by the post executive board.




The Service Officer shall be the Welfare Officer of AMVETS for the post. He/she shall be directly concerned with all matters pertaining to the social and material welfare of members and shall be particularly concerned in the assistance of all members securing rights and benefits accorded them by law. He/she shall act as Liaison Officer between the Executive Committee and all agencies charged with veterans’ affairs.




The Post Commander, immediately upon taking office each year, shall appoint the Service Officer, Way and Means and all other committees for operation of the post for the coming year, with the approval of the executive board. The chairman thereof shall be as appointed by the post commander.




All resolutions of state and national scope presented to this post by a member or reported to this post by a committee shall merely embody the opinion of this on the subject and copy of the same shall be forwarded to the Department Headquarters for their approval before any publicity is given or action other than mere passage by the post is taken.




The regular meeting of the post shall be held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the post home, with the Executive board meeting to begin one hour prior;  may be transacted such business as may properly be brought up for action. Such meetings may be converted into entertainment meetings, as may be deemed advisable by the officers of this post.
The Post Commander or a majority of the executive board shall have the power to call a special meeting of the E-Board at any time.




Every member shall furnish the post 1st Vice with his/her address for mailing purposes which shall be held in strict confidence. No mailing list shall be provided by this post to any other organization, other than AMVETS Department and National.

The post adjutant shall cause notice of the annual elections be given at least two (2) weeks prior thereto, by newsletter.




All proceedings of this post shall be conducted under and pursuant to Roberts Rules of Order, except as herein otherwise provided. The post shall obtain and keep on file a copy of Roberts Rules of Order. 


Discipline of Post Members


Each Post of AMVETS Department of Indiana shall be the judge of its own membership subject to the provisions of the Constitution & By-Laws of National and the Department of Indiana.


(a) Provided, however, that when the conduct of any member of AMVETS is such that it in any way will reflect, discredit, or invite criticism of the organization or who belongs to or joins any group, organizations, or party that is not compatible with the aims and principles of AMVETS, the Commander shall immediately bring the matter to the attention of the Post. Members may be suspended or expelled by a Post.  Written charges which shall be furnished to the member involved at least thirty (30) days prior to the date set for the hearing shall be based upon disloyalty, neglect of duty, dishonesty or conduct unbecoming a member of AMVETS. The Executive Committee shall at their discretion determine the disciplinary action; suspension or expulsion of members. Notice of appeal must be filed in writing within 15 days after imposition of any penalty.  




Neither this post nor any member thereof, shall incur or cause to be incurred, neither liability nor obligations whatsoever which shall subject any other post subdivision, members of the AMVETS, or other individuals, corporations, or organization.




All records, check books, charters, operational manuals, bank and financial statements and/or copies shall be returned to the post, and shall remain at the post at all times.




The executive board is duly responsible for the operations of the canteen.  The canteen is to run their own finances with a monthly report to the executive board and the membership however they deem necessary. The operation of the canteen is at all times subject to review of the executive committee, and changes as may be necessary may be made. .To hire or appoint such employees, contractors or volunteers as in their opinion may be necessary and required to operate the canteen. The E-Board will conduct Disciplinary Hearings for misconduct issues that may arise involving the Canteen.  Their decisions are final, with no right to appeal for suspensions under one year in length.


If a suspension is not in order and the member's misconduct warrants more than a suspension (i.e. - membership revocation) then Article 10 will define that procedure.




These By-Laws may be amended at any post meeting by a vote of two thirds of the members present at the meeting, provided that the proposed amendment shall have been submitted in writing and read at the next preceding regular meeting of said post, provided further that the written notice shall have been given to all members of said post at least thirty (30) days in advance of the date when such amendment is to be voted upon, notifying said members that at such meeting a proposal to amend the By-Laws is to be voted upon.




All reports and other paperwork are to be turned in to the Department Headquarters in all cases by 31 May prior to the State Department Convention which convenes the first weekend in June.


ADOPTED    December 10,2014